Canada Immigration Info is operated by Border Cards, a non-governmental organization providing support for "trusted traveller" programs like the NEXUS Card since 2004. Border Cards provides support throughout the application process, service you cannot get from other companies.
Border Cards processes "trusted traveller" applications. "Trusted traveller" programs include:
  • NEXUS Card (US/Canada)
  • FAST Card (for commercial drivers)
  • SENTRI(US/Mexico)
  • FLUX (US/Netherlands)
  • CANPASS (Canada)
  • Global Entry (US)
  • APEC Business Travel Card
  • Registered Traveller (UK)
  • SmartGate (Australia and New Zealand)
  • J-Bis (Japan)
  • E-Channel (Hong Kong)
The application procedure for these programs can be convoluted and complicated. Border Cards facilitates successful applications with no delays. Border Cards ensures that you submit the best application possible. We
  • Ensure your application has no mistakes
  • Notify you of any missing information
  • Inform you of any potential issues
  • Inform you of your conditional approval or refusal
  • Book your interview for you at your preferred location
  • Find you a sooner interview date
  • Help prepare you for your interview.

We charge additional fees because we provide services CBSA and US CBP do not.
  • CBSA and CBP will not check your application for errors and omissions - incorrect and incomplete applications are refused
  • CBSA and CBP will not tell you whether or not you are eligible - your application will be conditionally approved or refused without any additional information
  • CBSA and CBP will not help you use the cumbersome online application and appointment system - the private company that provides "support" will help you reset your password, but that's about it
  • CBSA, CBP and GOES support will not help you book your appointment or figure out how you can get a quicker appointment by looking for cancellations or changing enrolment centres
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At Border Cards, we are here to help you make your trusted traveller application as smooth and easy as possible. We welcome feedback. Please go here to leave a review. We are committed to providing each applicant with a quality service.

Border Cards is a private company not associated with either Canada Border Services Agency or US Customs and Border Protection. The information provided on this site is for general information only and will not be used as a substitute for legal advice from an attorney who is familiar with the specifics of your individual case.
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