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No more hassles crossing the border!

The NEXUS card is a document that will allow you to swiftly cross the Canadian border. It can be used instead of a passport for journeys by road, rail, air or sea. We are seasoned experts in the application, required supporting documents and  interview process. By filling out one of our kits we will help you to get an interview for a NEXUS card.

Easy as 1-2-3

1. Download the NEXUS application kit and follow the instructions. You will need to download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader in order if you do not have this program (
Send them to us. We will submit the application for you.

Attend the NEXUS interview at one of the enrolment centers. 3. Become a NEXUS member.

Download Now!


  1. Walk in service (Toronto)
    - Bring copies ofYour passport, driver’s license, vehicle registration number and any  immigration papers to our Toronto office and we will process your NEXUS card application.
  2. Fax, email or mail us your documents
    - Send your documents to us and we will process them without you having to undergo the hassle of filling out the government forms.
FEE: The cost is CDN $219.50 for regular service.
The government fee is CAN $50.

Why use us?

We will make sure all your documents are in order
We make sure that your application is thoroughly reviewed prior to submission
We are only a phone call away to answer any question about the NEXUS process
We assist you with scheduling of your NEXUS interview
We prepare you for your interview
We keep track of all your NEXUS documents, log-in information, and supporting documents
We assist you in obtaining any missing documents (birth certificates, passports or citizenship card)
We deal with the government on your behalf as much as possible
We troubleshoot all questions

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